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About the Organization


The Roxbury Historical Society seeks to increase the knowledge of all Roxbury’s people and its natural history through research, exhibitions, collecting and sharing stories, fostering exploration, and lively discussion of its many communities throughout time.


For the Roxbury Historical Society, history means people, places, and events through time. We do not know where we are if we cannot remember where we have been; we can’t make informed decisions about where to go if we can’t recognize where we are and where we have been. History is time past, present, and future.

What We Do


Advocate & Preserve

Advocate for the preservation of Roxbury and Boston's historic buildings and places.

  • Warren House

  • St. James African Orthodox Church

  • Dearborn School


Collect & Curate

Artifacts, memorabilia, and ephemera related to Roxbury are collected and preserved by RHS. Our collection is currently housed at Northeastern University. 



Present & Share

The RHS presents programming that promotes understanding of Roxbury's peoples, history, geography, buildings and roles played throughout time.

Our Board

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